About Remote Astrophotography Using Slooh.com – A Handbook

Welcome to RemoteAstrophotography.com – the companion website for the book “Remote Astrophotography Using Slooh.com – A Handbook” available exclusively on Amazon.com!

I have aimed this book at someone that’s interested in astronomy at the beginner to intermediate level. You have an interest in the things you see in the sky at night but might not have a lot of background information and you want a place to start and have a good foundation to build upon.

If you’re at the intermediate level, you’ll also benefit from this book because I show you methods to improve your skills in composing your images, processing your images, and doing advanced things like photometry with your images.

I also intended this book to be for someone that’s interested in expanding their knowledge based on practical advice and someone that has a willingness to experiment.

You can view the first 10% of the book on Amazon.com, where you’ll be able to browse through the table of contents and browse through the first chapter. I have also made part of the book available for download on this website.