There are a lot of articles and videos for beginning astronomy that explain the basics of astronomy. Those articles and videos list a whole slew of things you need to know like the celestial sphere, the ecliptic and zodiac, sky coordinates, star names, how the sky moves, and terms like brightness and magnitude.

Those terms are interesting and can certainly help your understanding of the night sky but they won’t help you get started taking great photos of the night sky.

Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook is a great astronomy book for beginners interested in taking good photos of the sky. You’ll learn how to take advantage of a listing of 500 interesting objects to observe – you just pick what you want to see and get a photo of it the next day. No celestial coordinates or magnitudes involved!

Once you start taking great photos, Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook explains how to expand your horizons to be able to photograph just about any object in the night sky – all with no guesswork and frustration – you just get great photos night after night!

You’ll soon have lots of great photos and Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook explains what you can do with them – from hunting exoplanets, to tracking asteroids, and photographing comets. You’ll learn how to enhance your photos to get the most out of them, all using just your computer and free software that the book explains how to install.

You’ll be a pro in no time at all!

Take a look at some of the photos I have taken using, and then download the sample chapters of the book. Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook is available for purchase exclusively at