As a beginner in astronomy, the top two questions you’ll get asked are, “What do you want to observe?” and “How much do you have to spend?”.

The fact is that many of the astronomical images you have seen were taken using amazing telescopes and cameras. A telescope’s capability is defined by terms like aperture, focal length, type of telescope (refractor, reflector, or compound) – all of these factors contribute to how much you’ll pay for your new telescope. A telescope can cost many thousands of dollars.

In addition, if you actually want to take photos using a telescope, you’ll have to attach a camera to it. But, not just any camera will do – the camera you pick depends on what types of photos you want to take. And a camera can also cost thousands of dollars.

But how do you know about what you want to photograph when you’re just getting started?

My answer to the question of how much I want to spend to get great astronomical images was $25. That’s how much I spend per month for access to eight telescopes worth thousands and thousands of dollars. I also get access to great automation so all I do is pick what I want to see and the system handles the rest.

So, where do you begin?

Start by getting a membership to and then check out my book Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook – you can grab a 40-page sampler of the book here.

The book is perfect for a beginner in astronomy because it teaches you how to get started taking great photos of the sky. You learn about how to find things to take photos of, learn how to compose your shots, and you’ll learn what to  do with all those great images. All without having to stay up late and battle the weather. What a wonderful way to do astronomy!

Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook is available for purchase exclusively at